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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Creamy Corn Soup with Ham and Poblano Chile Review

4 stars (on a 5 star scale)
p. 121-122

Interesting and decent. Smooth and creamy. Quite sweet -- cannot be used as a main dish for precisely this reason, that it gets overwhelming. (Perhaps this is why it is so surprisingly filling?)

I used ham (rather than chicken) and the recommended salt quantity and the whole dish ended up too salty. Be careful; the recommended amount might be more appropriate for chicken.

The fruitiness of the poblano really does add something.

I filtered the (large amount of) pulp. Had I left it in, the soup wouldn't be so creamy. But it still might be good, just with texture. Trying the pulp directly shows that it is even sweeter than the soup itself!


  • Very enjoyable, but nearly impossible to eat as a main course. Soup is overly-sweet.
    Can easily double or triple the amount of pablanos (as they compliment the heavy corn flavor nicely)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:31 AM  

  • My husband goes crazy for this. I love every single recipe in this book but this soup is by far my favorite. I always use canadian bacon, Tripple the poblanos & strain the skins & use skim which makes it less filling. I would classify this as my favorite meal I've ever had.

    By Blogger Kirsten, at 12:05 PM  

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