Recipe Reviews: Mexican Everyday by Rick Bayless

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Red Chile Seafood Soup Review

4 stars (on a 5 star scale)
p. 129-131

Satisfying, simple, fairly refreshing, but not thrilling. Somewhat boring if this is the only dish at a meal.

The seafood matches the flavor of the broth well. Also, each of suggested extras -cilantro, squeeze of lime, uncooked white onion- improve the dish. I didn't have epazote, an optional ingredient; it's absence wasn't noticeable to me.

The recipe is easy to follow and quite forgiving. Just don't add the salt blindly. One teaspoon was enough this time; the one and a half suggested would be too much.

* I'd prefer a higher soup to stuff ratio. Each bowl felt mostly like stuff in a little broth.
* The potatoes, cut as directed, were too big. Each had to be split with a soup spoon into two or three pieces before eating. Instead, cut them smaller in the first place (and hope they don't fall apart during cooking).


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