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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Chicken in Oaxacan Yellow Mole with Green Beans and Chayote Review

4.5 stars (on a 5 star scale)
p. 255-257

The mole sauce has a nice, smooth, luxurious combination of sweetness and spiciness while still remaining light. It also has a nice chile pepper aroma. Although thinner than most moles I've had, this broth/sauce really is the focus of the dish, providing flavoring to the green beans, chayote, and chicken that sit in it.

Even better, it's easy to make, a surprising feature of a mole. And it's healthy too!

I used cilantro, as I couldn't find any hoja santa. I think the cilantro added something to the dish.

Incidentally, when adding salt to taste, I only used one-third of a teaspoon, not the one-half to one teaspoon the recipe thought might be required. This is probably because both my chicken broth and my diced tomatoes had non-trivial quantities of salt.


  • not difficult to make, extremely tasty. don't be scared off by the directions. like the best of the recipes in this book--there are a lot of them--hearty and heartwarming. i was very suspicious of this book when i received it. i've eaten great food in many regions of mexico and i thought that the recipes were too streamlined (they still take some time for a kitchen moron like me)...but, they're GREAT. rick bayless rocks. frozen green beans work fine with this one.

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