Recipe Reviews: Mexican Everyday by Rick Bayless

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Green Chile Chicken Soft Tacos Review

3 stars (on a 5 star scale)
p. 198-199

Your basic fajita. Fairly straightforward/boring. Smells decent. Since the recipe involves cooking each ingredient (chicken, onion, and peppers) separately, it's way more work than it deserves.

The lime-pepper marinate for the chicken failed to make it more than marginally interesting. Either there wasn't enough marinate or it was too mild.

The recipe suggests adding some salsa to the tortillas. I skipped it, as I wanted to evaluate the dish on its own merits.

Incidentally, when I added salt to taste at the pepper and onion stage, I found I only needed two-thirds of a teaspoon, not the one teaspoon the recipe suggested might be required. However, when the recipe said to add more salt if necessary at the end, implying that no salt is usually needed, I found it needed some. I think I ended up adding a teaspoon in total.

Note: only serves three at most. It might serve more if the tortillas had salsa, thus making them more substantial, complex, and satisfying.


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