Recipe Reviews: Mexican Everyday by Rick Bayless

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Garlicky Ancho Chile Rub Review

4 stars (on a 5 star scale)
p. 137

Having had no experience grilling steak previously, I was surprised how perfectly medium rare the steak turned out. Yay! (I used a thin flank steak.)

Nevertheless, I gave the rub a low rating only because I put the suggested amount on (1.5 tablespoons) but thought it was too little--the effect was more subtle than I'd like. Next time I'll use more.

Later, I used a lot of rub on brisket. It turned out pretty well, though might've been a bit too strong. Incidentally, the brisket was a bit dry, but that's simply a consequence of how I cooked it.

Also, next time I think I'll use garlic powder instead of minced garlic. As garlic is the only fresh ingredient, if I use powder, the rub will be a dry spice mix and keep much longer.

on grill before being cooked


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